July 4, 2020

Car Loans Terms and Conditions

Any customer wishing to drive a courtesy car MUST be present on collection of the vehicle to sign to confirm sight and agreement of the Terms and Conditions and MUST provide their  original, current and valid Driving Licence (copies not accepted) along with a “Check Code” available from gov.uk (link on front page of this website click box “Check your licence”). You will need your National Insurance Number and Driving Licence to hand for this.

1. I agree that the Lender has loaned the above mentioned vehicle to me, and I am bound by the terms and conditions of this
agreement. I accept the vehicle in an undamaged condition, except where any damage is noted in the diagram above, and accept that it is my responsibility to check the vehicle prior to loan.

2. I accept that I will be the sole driver of the vehicle during the period of the loan and that it will only be used for the purposes of social, domestic and pleasure and my own business purposes.

3. I accept that in the event of a claim i am liable for the excess of £1000. I accept that any minor damage to any alloy wheel will be charged at a minimum of £65 + VAT. My statutory rights are not affected. I have read the customer notice board.

4. I accept that the Lender shall not be liable for any loss or damage to property carried in or on the vehicle during the loan and I am responsible for the safe care of the vehicle during the loan period.

5. I accept the vehicle will be returned by 5pm on the Date of Return stipulated above unless otherwise agreed in writing with the
Lender, and i accept that if the vehicle is not returned at the time and date agreed a charge of £100 + VAT per day will be charged.

6. I accept liability for any offenses arising from my use of the vehicle under the Road Traffic, Road Traffic Offenders and Road Traffic Regulations Acts and subordinate legislation indemnify the Lender accordingly.

7. I confirm I shall contact the Lender immediately by telephone in the event of an accident or breakdown.

8. I confirm that I am not authorised to arrange for recovery or repairs without the consent of the Lender.

9. I understand that I am responsible for the fuel and other consumables, and for checking and maintaining levels and
tyre pressures during the period of the loan.

10. I confirm that I hold a valid driving licence for the loan vehicle which will remain valid for the duration of the loan.

11. I confirm that I have been made aware of the operation of the loan vehicle controls and its performance.

12. I accept that if the vehicle has not been refuelled as indicated a charge of £1 + VAT per mile will be charged.

14. I accept that if the vehicle is not returned in the same condition a valeting charge of £50 + VAT will be charged.

15. I accept that I am NOT permitted to smoke or allow pets of any kind in the vehicle, nor shall i carry in or on any tools or equipment which may cause damage or contamination internally or externally. I accept that the valeting charge in condition 14 and the damage excess in condition 3 will apply.

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